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ECC Report 220

Compatibility/sharing studies related to PMSE, DECT and SRD with DA2GC in the 2 GHz unpaired bands and MFCN in the adjacent 2 GHz paired band

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2008-10-30 CEPT Report 019 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to

EC Mandate to develop least restrictive technical conditions for frequency bands addressed in the context of WAPECS
2010-06-25 CEPT Report 039 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate to develop least restrictive technical conditions for 2 GHz bands Active
2015-03-06 CEPT Report 052 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate

“To undertake studies on the harmonised technical conditions for the 1900-1920 MHz and 2010-2025 MHz frequency bands (“Unpaired terrestrial 2 GHz bands”) in the EU”
2012-04-02 ECC Report 172 Broadband Wireless Systems Usage in 2300-2400 MHz
2013-09-24 ECC Report 191 Adjacent band compatibility between MFCN and PMSE audio applications in the 1785-1805 MHz frequency range
2020-05-21 ECC Report 200 ECC Report 200: "Co-existence studies for proposed SRD and RFID applications in the frequency 870-876 MHz/915-921 MHz"

Addendum to ECC Report 200: "Additional co-existence studies between SRDs/RFIDs and E-GSM-R in the 900 MHz frequency band"
2014-02-04 ECC Report 209 Compatibility/sharing studies related to Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) in the frequency bands 1900-1920 MHz / 2010-2025 MHz and services/applications in the adjacent bands

2014-06-06 ECC Report 214 Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) Active
2014-10-14 ECC Report 219 Characteristics of PMSE digital video links to be used in compatibility and sharing studies Active
2015-05-08 ECC Report 233 Adjacent band compatibility studies for aeronautical CGC systems operating in the bands 1980-2010 MHz and 2170-2200 MHz Active
2016-01-29 ECC Report 243 Wireless video links in the frequency bands 2700-2900 MHz and 2900-3400 MHz Active
2015-07-03 ECC/DEC/(15)02 ECC/DEC/(15)02 of 3 July 2015 on the harmonised use of broadband Direct Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) systems in the frequency band 1900-1920 MHz Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(18)01
1995-05-01 ERC Report 038 Handbook on radio equipment and systems video links for ENG/OB use Active
2002-06-01 ERC Report 068 Monte-Carlo Radio Simulation Methodology for the use in sharing and compatibility studies between different radio services or systems Active
1994-10-24 ERC/DEC/(94)03 ERC/DEC/(94)03 of 24 October 1994 on the frequency band to be designated for the coordinated introduction of the Digital European Cordless Telecommunications system Active
2024-03-08 ERC/DEC/(98)22 ERC/DEC/(98)22 of 23 November 1998 on exemption from individual licensing and free circulation and use of DECT equipment

latest amended 8 March 2024 (ECC#63)