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ERC/REC 25-10

ERC Recommendation of 1995 on frequency Ranges for the Use of Terrestrial Audio and Video Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) applications. Editorial update on 28 May 2021.

Published Title Description Status Download
2013-12-11 EC Decision 2013/752/EU Commission Decision of 11 December 2013 amending Decision 2006/771/EC on harmonisation of the radio spectrum for use by short-range devices and repealing Decision 2005/928/EC Active
2014-09-01 EC Decision 2014/641/EU Commission Decision of 1 September 2014 on harmonised technical conditions of spectrum use by programme making and special events equipment in the Union Active
2002-10-12 ECC Report 017 Sharing between EESS (Passive) and video SAP/SAB links in the band 10.6-10.68 GHz Active
2014-02-11 ECC Report 204 Spectrum use and future requirements for PMSE Active
2014-10-14 ECC Report 219 Characteristics of PMSE digital video links to be used in compatibility and sharing studies Active
2016-01-29 ECC Report 243 Wireless video links in the frequency bands 2700-2900 MHz and 2900-3400 MHz Active
2016-01-29 ECC Report 245 Compatibility studies between a PMSE and other systems / services in the band 1350-1400 MHz

2015-03-06 ECC/DEC/(15)01 ECC Decision of 6 March 2015 on Harmonised technical conditions for mobile/fixed communications networks (MFCN) in the band 694-790 MHz including a paired frequency arrangement (Frequency Division Duplex 2x30 MHz) and an optional unpaired frequency arrangement (Supplemental Downlink) Active
1995-05-01 ERC Report 034 Application guide and explanatory notes to support an application for the use of radio equipment at short term events
1995-05-01 ERC Report 038 Handbook on radio equipment and systems video links for ENG/OB use Active
1996-10-01 ERC Report 042 Handbook on radio equipment and systems radio microphones and simple wide band audio links Active
2000-10-15 ERC Report 089 Compatibility and sharing analysis between DVB-T and Talkback links in bands IV and V Active
2021-11-05 ERC/REC 70-03 ERC Recommendation of 1997 on relating to the use of Short Range Devices (SRD)

latest amended on 5 November 2021

2016-09-30 ECC Report 253 Compatibility studies for audio PMSE at 1492-1518 MHz and 1518-1525 MHz Active