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ECC Report 202

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2009-10-30 ECC/DEC/(09)03 ECC/DEC/(09)03 of 30 October 2009 on harmonised conditions for Mobile/Fixed Communications Networks (MFCN) operating in the band 790-862 MHz

2003-10-17 ECC/DEC/(03)02 ECC/DEC/(03)02 of 17 October 2003 on the designation of the frequency band 1479.5-1492 MHz for use by Satellite Digital Audio Broadcasting systems Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(13)02
2016-09-30 ECC Report 253 Compatibility studies for audio PMSE at 1492-1518 MHz and 1518-1525 MHz Active
2016-01-29 ECC Report 245 Compatibility studies between a PMSE and other systems / services in the band 1350-1400 MHz

2015-01-30 ECC Report 227 Compatibility Studies for Mobile/Fixed Communication Networks (MFCN) Supplemental Downlink (SDL) operating in the 1452-1492 MHz band

2014-06-06 ECC Report 214 Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) Active
2014-02-04 ECC Report 209 Compatibility/sharing studies related to Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) in the frequency bands 1900-1920 MHz / 2010-2025 MHz and services/applications in the adjacent bands

2013-02-19 ECC Report 188 Future Harmonised Use of the 1452-1492 MHz in CEPT Active
2008-09-22 ECC Report 121 Compatibility studies between Professional Wireless Microphone Systems (PWMS) and other services/systems in the bands 1452-1492 MHz, 1492-1530 MHz, 1533-1559 MHz also considering the services/systems in the adjacent bands (below 1452 MHz and above 1559 MHz). Active
2014-11-28 CEPT Report 054 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate

“To develop harmonised technical conditions in the 1452-1492 MHz frequency band for wireless broadband electronic communications services in the EU”