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ECC Report 114

Compatibility studies between multiple GIGABIT wireless systems in frequency range 57-66 GHz and other services and systems (except its in 63-64 GHz)

Published Title Description Status Download
2009-03-13 CEPT Report 026 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Permanent Mandate to CEPT regarding the “annual update of the technical annex of the Commission Decision on the technical harmonisation of radio spectrum for use by short range devices” Active
2009-05-13 ECC Report 113 Compatibility studies around 63 GHz between Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and other systems Active
2010-02-12 ECC Report 139 Impact of Level Probing Radars (LPR), using Ultra-Wideband Technology on Radiocommunications Services Active
2012-04-11 ECC Report 176 The impact of non-specific SRDs on radio services in the band 57–66 GHz Active
2009-02-24 ECC/REC/(05)02 ECC Recommendation of 24 June 2005 on use of the 64-66 GHz frequency band for Fixed Service.

Amended on 24 February 2009.

2009-02-02 ECC/REC/(09)01 ECC Recommendation of 2 February 2009 on use of the 57-64 GHz frequency band for point-to-point Fixed Wireless Systems

1997-01-01 ERC Report 045 Sharing between the Fixed and Earth Exploration Satellite (passive) Services in the band 50.2 - 66 GHz Active
1994-10-28 ERC/REC 12-09 Radio frequency channel arrangement for Fixed Service systems operating in the band 57.0 - 59.0 GHz which do not require frequency planning.

Withdrawn by ECC/REC/(09)01