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ECC Report 285

Best practices for Video Programme Making and Special Event (PMSE) in the 2700-2900 MHz band

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2013-11-08 CEPT Report 051 Report B from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate

“On technical conditions regarding spectrum harmonisation options for wireless radio microphones and cordless video-cameras”.

Technical conditions for ensuring the sustainable operation of cordless video-cameras
2002-06-19 ECC Report 006 Technical impact on existing primary services in the band 2700 - 2900 MHz due to the proposed introduction of new systems Active
2012-04-11 ECC Report 174 Compatibility between the mobile service in the band 2500-2690 MHz and the radiodetermination service in the band 2700-2900 MHz Active
2014-02-11 ECC Report 204 Spectrum use and future requirements for PMSE Active
2014-10-14 ECC Report 219 Characteristics of PMSE digital video links to be used in compatibility and sharing studies Active
2016-01-29 ECC Report 243 Wireless video links in the frequency bands 2700-2900 MHz and 2900-3400 MHz Active
2003-06-12 ECC/REC/(02)09 ECC/REC/(02)09 of 12 June 2003 on protection of Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service in the band 2700-2900 MHz from interference caused by the operation of Digital Cordless Cameras Active
2023-10-12 ERC/REC 25-10 ERC/REC 25-10 of 1995 on frequency Ranges for the Use of Terrestrial Audio and Video Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) applications

latest amended 16 June 2023,
national implementation latest amended 12 October 2023
2016-06-17 CEPT Report 061 Harmonised compatibility and sharing conditions for video PMSE in the 2.7-2.9 GHz frequency band, taking into account radar use Active