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ECC Report 243

Wireless video links in the frequency bands 2700-2900 MHz and 2900-3400 MHz

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2013-11-08 CEPT Report 051 Report B from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate

“On technical conditions regarding spectrum harmonisation options for wireless radio microphones and cordless video-cameras”.

Technical conditions for ensuring the sustainable operation of cordless video-cameras
2002-04-04 ECC Report 002 SAP/SAB (Incl. ENG/OB) spectrum use and future requirements Active
2012-04-11 ECC Report 174 Compatibility between the mobile service in the band 2500-2690 MHz and the radiodetermination service in the band 2700-2900 MHz Active
2014-10-14 ECC Report 219 Characteristics of PMSE digital video links to be used in compatibility and sharing studies Active
2014-09-18 ECC Report 220 Compatibility/sharing studies related to PMSE, DECT and SRD with DA2GC in the 2 GHz unpaired bands and MFCN in the adjacent 2 GHz paired band Active