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ECC Report 150

Published Title Description Status Download
2022-03-04 ECC/DEC/(05)05 ECC/DEC/(05)05 of 18 March 2005 on harmonised utilisation of spectrum for Mobile/Fixed Communications Networks (MFCN) operating within the band 2500-2690 MHz

latest corrected 4 March 2022
2013-09-25 ECC Report 201 Compatibility study between MBANS operating in the 2400-2483.5 MHz and 2483.5-2500 MHz and other systems in the same bands or in adjacent bands

2010-09-21 ECC Report 149 Analysis on compatibility of Low Power-Active Medical Implant (LP-AMI) applications within the frequency range 2360-3400 MHz, in particular for the band 2483.5-2500 MHz, with incumbent services Active
2009-02-06 ECC Report 131 Derivation of a Block Edge Mask (BEM) for terminal stations in the 2.6 GHz frequency band (2500-2690 MHz) Active
2007-02-20 ECC Report 095 Sharing between MSS systems using TDMA and MSS systems using CDMA in the band 1610 – 1626.5 MHz Active
2002-06-19 ECC Report 006 Technical impact on existing primary services in the band 2700 - 2900 MHz due to the proposed introduction of new systems Active
1995-05-01 ERC Report 038 Handbook on radio equipment and systems video links for ENG/OB use Active