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ECC/REC/(08)01 of 21 February 2008 on use of the Band 5855-5875 MHz for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) latest updated on 18 November 2022

Published Title Description Status Download
2015-01-30 ECC Report 228 Compatibility studies between Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the band 5855-5925 MHz and other systems in adjacent bands Active
2022-11-18 ECC/DEC/(08)01 ECC/DEC/(08)01 of 14 March 2008 on the harmonised use of Safety-Related Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the 5875-5935 MHz frequency band

latest updated on 18 November 2022
2007-02-20 ECC Report 101 Compatibility studies in the band 5855– 5925 MHz between Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and other systems Active
2007-09-13 ECC Report 109 The aggregate impact from the proposed new systems (ITS, BBDR and BFWA) in the 5725-5925 MHz band on the other services/systems currently operating in this band Active
2007-09-13 ECC Report 110 Compatibility studies between Broad-Band Disaster Relief (BBDR) and other systems Active