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ECC Report 241

Enhanced access to spectrum for FSS uncoordinated earth stations in the 17.7-19.7 GHz band

Published Title Description Status Download
2010-10-14 ECC Report 152 The use of the frequency bands 27.5-30.0 GHz and 17.30-20.2 GHz by satellite networks Active
2023-06-09 ECC Report 173 Fixed Service in Europe Current use and future trends post 2022

approved March 2012 and latest amended 9 June 2023
2015-05-08 ECC Report 232 Compatibility between Fixed Satellite Service uncoordinated receive Earth Stations and the Fixed Service in the band 17.7-19.7 GHz Active
2019-03-08 ECC/DEC/(05)01 ECC/DEC/(05)01 of 18 March 2005 on the use of the band 27.5-29.5 GHz by the Fixed Service and uncoordinated Earth stations of the Fixed-Satellite Service (Earth-to-space)

latest amended on 8 March 2019
2006-03-30 ECC/DEC/(06)02 ECC/DEC/(06)02 of 24 March 2006 on Exemption from Individual Licensing of Low e.i.r.p. Satellite Terminals (LEST) operating within the frequency bands 10.70–12.75 GHz or 19.70–20.20 GHz space-to-Earth and 14.00–14.25 GHz or 29.50–30.00 GHz Earth-to-Space Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(06)03
2022-11-18 ECC/DEC/(06)03 ECC/DEC/(06)03 of 24 March 2006 on Exemption from Individual Licensing of high e.i.r.p. satellite terminals (HEST) operating with geostationary satellites and in the frequency bands 10.70-12.75 GHz or 19.70-20.20 GHz space-to-Earth and 14.00-14.25 GHz or 29.50-30.00 GHz Earth-to-space

latest amended on 18 November 2022
2016-03-04 ERC/DEC/(00)07 ERC/DEC/(00)07 of 19 October 2000 on the shared use of the band 17.7-19.7 GHz by the fixed service and Earth stations of the fixed-satellite service (space-to-Earth)

Amended on 4 March 2016
2019-05-29 ERC/REC 12-03 ERC/REC 12-03 of 1994 on harmonised radio frequency channel arrangements for digital terrestrial fixed systems operating in the band 17.7 GHz to 19.7 GHz

amended on 29 May 2019