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ECC Report 335

Sensing mechanism for uncoordinated FSS Earth stations in 28 GHz to protect fixed service Complementary Report to ECC Report 304

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2019-03-08 ECC/DEC/(05)01 ECC/DEC/(05)01 of 18 March 2005 on the use of the band 27.5-29.5 GHz by the Fixed Service and uncoordinated Earth stations of the Fixed-Satellite Service (Earth-to-space)

latest amended on 8 March 2019
2019-05-29 T/R 13-02 T/R 13-02 of 1993 on preferred channel arrangements for fixed service systems in the frequency range 22.0-29.5 GHz

revised on 15 May 2010 and amended on 29 May 2019

2019-10-02 ECC Report 304 Advanced technologies for fixed GSO FSS Earth Stations in the 27.5-29.5 GHz band Active