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ECC Report 067

Compatibility study for generic limits for the emission levels of inductive SRDs below 30MHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2006-07-07 CEPT Report 014 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate to

Develop a strategy to improve the effectiveness and flexibility of spectrum availability for Short Range Devices (SRDs)
2006-11-09 EC Decision 2006/771/EC Commission Decision of 9 November 2006 on the harmonisation of the radio spectrum for use by short-range devices Active
2002-04-04 ECC Report 003 Fixed service in Europe current use and future trends POST-2002 Active
2003-05-28 ECC Report 024 PLT, DSL, Cable Communications (including Cable TV), LANs and their effect on Radio Services Active
2006-06-02 ECC Report 081 The coexistence between Ultra Low Power - Animal Implant Devices (ULP-AID) operating in the frequency band 12.5-20 MHz and existing radiocommunication systems Active
2014-02-04 ECC Report 208 Impact of RFID devices on radio services in the band 13.56 MHz Active
1996-10-01 ERC Report 040 Fixed service system parameters for frequency sharing Active
1999-02-01 ERC Report 069 Propagation model and interference range calculation for inductive systems 10 kHz - 30 MHz

1999-05-01 ERC Report 074 Compatibility between radio frequency identification devices (RFID) and the radioastronomy service at 13 MHz Active
2024-03-08 ERC/REC 70-03 ERC/REC 70-03 of 6 October 1997 on relating to the use of Short Range Devices (SRD)

latest amended on 8 March 2024 (ECC#63)