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ECC Report 306

CEPT investigations on possible usage of low power audio PMSE in the band 960-1164 MHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2014-02-11 ECC Report 204 Spectrum use and future requirements for PMSE Active
1996-10-01 ERC Report 042 Handbook on radio equipment and systems radio microphones and simple wide band audio links Active
2023-10-12 ERC/REC 25-10 ERC/REC 25-10 of 1995 on frequency Ranges for the Use of Terrestrial Audio and Video Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) applications

latest amended 16 June 2023,
national implementation latest amended 12 October 2023
2018-09-28 ECC Report 286 Body effect of hand-held and body-worn audio PMSE equipment Active