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ECC/DEC/(07)02 of 30 March 2007 on availability of frequency bands between 3400-3800 MHz for the harmonised implementation of Broadband Wireless Access systems (BWA)

Published Title Description Status Download
2008-05-21 EC Decision 2008/411/EC Commission Decision of 21 May 2008 on the harmonisation of the 3400-3800 MHz frequency band for terrestrial systems capable of providing electronic communications services in the Community Active
2003-09-18 ECC Report 033 The analysis of the coexistence of Point-to-Multipoint FWS cells
in the 3.4 - 3.8 GHz band
2006-02-17 ECC Report 076 Cross-Border coordination of Multipoint Fixed Wireless Systems in frequency bands from 3.4 GHz to 33.4 GHz.
2006-02-16 ECC/REC/(04)05 ECC/REC/(04)05 of 16 February 2006 on guidelines for accommodation and assignment of Multipoint Fixed Wireless systems in frequency bands 3.4-3-6 GHz and 3.6-3-8 GHz Withdrawn
2024-03-08 ERC Report 025 The European table of frequency allocations and applications in the frequency range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz.

The ECA Table is integrated in the EFIS database.

There is also an csv version of the ECA Table available.

Note: 1999-2015 versions are available under attachments.
2000-02-01 ERC Report 100 Compatibility between certain radiocommunications systems operating in adjacent bands.
Evaluation of DECT/GSM 1800 compatibility
1998-05-14 ERC/REC 12-08 ERC/REC 12-08 of 1997 on harmonised radio frequency channel arrangements and block allocations for low, medium and high capacity systems in the band 3600 MHz to 4200 MHz

revised on 14 May 1998
1998-09-25 ERC/REC 13-04 ERC/REC 13-04 of 25 September 1998 on preferred frequency bands for fixed wireless access in the frequency range between 3 and 29.5 GHz Withdrawn
1997-05-28 ERC/REC 14-03 ERC/REC 14-03 of 1997 on harmonised radio frequency channel arrangements for low and medium capacity systems in the band 3400 MHz to 3600 MHz