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ECC Report 232

Compatibility between Fixed Satellite Service uncoordinated receive Earth Stations and the Fixed Service in the band 17.7-19.7 GHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2018-04-27 ECC Report 173 Fixed Service in Europe Current use and future trends post 2016

amended 27 April 2018
2016-02-05 ECC Report 241 Enhanced access to spectrum for FSS uncoordinated earth stations in the 17.7-19.7 GHz band Active
2019-02-08 ECC/REC/(12)03 ECC Recommendation of 18 February 2013 on determination of the radiated power through field strength measurements in the frequency range from 400 MHz to 6000 MHz.

Amended on 8 February 2019.
2016-03-04 ERC/DEC/(00)07 ERC Decision of 19 October 2000 on the shared use of the band 17.7-19.7 GHz by the fixed service and Earth stations of the fixed-satellite service (space-to-Earth).

Amended on 4 March 2016.