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ECC Report 185

Complementary Report to ECC Report 159. Further definition of technical and operational requirements for the operation of white space devices in the band 470-790 MHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2009-10-30 CEPT Report 030 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate on

The identification of common and minimal (least restrictive) technical conditions for 790 - 862 MHz for the digital dividend in the European Union
2010-11-12 CEPT Report 040 Report from CEPT to European Commission in response to

Task 2 of the Mandate to CEPT on the 900/1800 MHz bands

“Compatibility study for LTE and WiMAX operating within the bands 880-915 MHz / 925-960 MHz and 1710-1785 MHz / 1805-1880 MHz (900/1800 MHz bands)”
2007-09-20 ECC Report 099 TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS): Impact on existing PMR/PAMR and Air Ground Air (AGA) systems in the 400 MHz band Active
2007-06-18 ECC Report 104 Compatibility between mobile radio systems operating in the range 450-470 MHz and Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial (DVB-T) system operating in UHF TV channel 21 (470-478 MHz) Active
2010-06-09 ECC Report 148 Measurements on the performance of DVB-T receivers in the presence of interference from the mobile service (especially from LTE) Active
2011-02-03 ECC Report 159 Technical and operational requirements for the possible operation of cognitive radio systems in the ‘white spaces’ of the frequency band 470-790 MHz

“CEPT has subsequently developed ECC Report 185 and 186 as complementary studies to ECC Report 159. In particular, the geo-location approach is considered in more details in ECC Report 186, including the initial considerations contained in this report (ECC Report 159)”
2013-01-29 ECC Report 186 Technical and operational requirements for the operation of white space devices under geo-location approach Active
2014-02-11 ECC Report 204 Spectrum use and future requirements for PMSE Active
2015-05-27 ECC Report 236 Guidance for national implementation of a regulatory framework for TV WSD using geo-location databases Active
2009-10-30 ECC/DEC/(09)03 ECC/DEC/(09)03 of 30 October 2009 on harmonised conditions for Mobile/Fixed Communications Networks (MFCN) operating in the band 790-862 MHz