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ECC Report 045

Sharing and adjacent band compatibility between UMTS/IMT-2000 in the band 2500-2690 MHz and other services

Published Title Description Status Download
2006-07-07 CEPT Report 013 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate on: Harmonised technical conditions for the use of the 2 GHz bands for Mobile Satellite Services in the European Union Active
2008-10-30 CEPT Report 019 Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to
EC Mandate to develop least restrictive technical conditions for frequency bands addressed in the context of WAPECS
2008-06-13 EC Decision 2008/477/EC Commission Decision of 13 June 2008 on the harmonisation of the 2500-2690 MHz frequency band for terrestrial systems capable of providing electronic communications services in the Community Active
2010-09-21 ECC Report 149 Analysis on compatibility of Low Power-Active Medical Implant (LP-AMI) applications within the frequency range 2360-3400 MHz, in particular for the band 2483.5-2500 MHz, with incumbent services Active
2012-04-11 ECC Report 174 Compatibility between the mobile service in the band 2500-2690 MHz and the radiodetermination service in the band 2700-2900 MHz Active
2013-02-01 ECC Report 187 Compatibility study between mobile communication services on board aircraft (MCA) and ground-based systems Active
2019-03-08 ECC/DEC/(06)01 ECC Decision of 24 March 2006 on the harmonised utilisation of the bands1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz for mobile/fixed communications networks (MFCN) including terrestrial IMT, amended on 2 November 2012 and amended on 8 March 2019

2019-03-08 ECC/DEC/(06)13 ECC Decision of 1 December 2006 on the designation of the bands 880-915 MHz, 925-960 MHz, 1710-1785 MHz and 1805-1880 MHz for terrestrial UMTS, LTE and WiMAX systems, amended on 2 March 2018 and amended on 8 March 2019

2012-11-02 ECC/DEC/(09)02 ECC Decision of 26 June 2009 on the harmonisation of the bands 1610-1626.5 MHz and 2483.5-2500 MHz for use by systems in the Mobile-Satellite Service, amended 02 November 2012

2019-03-08 ERC Report 025 The European table of frequency allocations and applications in the frequency range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz

The ECA Table is integrated in the EFIS database. There is also an Excel Version of the ECA Table available.

Note: older versions are available under attachments.
1999-11-01 ERC Report 065 Adjacent band compatibility between UMTS and other services in the 2 GHz band Active
2002-06-01 ERC Report 068 Monte-Carlo Radio Simulation Methodology for the use in sharing and compatibility studies between different radio services or systems Active