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ECC Report 034

Compatibility between Narrowband digital PMR/PAMR and tactical radio relay in the 900 MHz band

Published Title Description Status Download
2002-06-19 ECC Report 005 Adjacent band compatibility between GSM and TETRA Mobile Services at 915 MHz Active
2004-10-26 ECC Report 058 Compatibility between TETRA release 2 taps and tactical radio relays in the 870-876 and 915-921 MHz bands Active
2020-05-21 ECC Report 200 ECC Report 200: "Co-existence studies for proposed SRD and RFID applications in the frequency 870-876 MHz/915-921 MHz"

Addendum to ECC Report 200: "Additional co-existence studies between SRDs/RFIDs and E-GSM-R in the 900 MHz frequency band"
2002-06-01 ERC Report 068 Monte-Carlo Radio Simulation Methodology for the use in sharing and compatibility studies between different radio services or systems Active
1999-05-01 ERC Report 101 A comparison of the minimum coupling loss method, enhanced minimum coupling loss method, and the Monte-Carlo simulation Active
2000-02-01 ERC Report 103 Adjacent band compatibility of TETRA and TETRAPOL in the 380 - 400 MHz frequency range, an analysis completed using a Monte Carlo based simulation tool Active