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ECC Report 016

Refarming and secondary trading in a changing radiocommunications world

Published Title Description Status Download
2002-04-04 ECC Report 003 Fixed service in Europe current use and future trends POST-2002 Active
2004-10-11 ECC Report 053 Cost Allocation and Accounting systems used to finance the radio administration in CEPT countries Active
2006-03-30 ECC Report 080 Enhancing harmonisation and introducing flexibility in the spectrum regulatory framework Active
2011-05-25 ECC Report 169 Description of practices relative to trading of spectrum rights of use Active
2014-02-12 ECC Report 205 Licensed Shared Access (LSA) Active
2014-06-06 ECC Report 214 Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) Active
2001-11-15 ECC/DEC/(01)01 ECC Decision of 15 November 2001 on Phasing out analogue CT1 and CT1+ applications in the 900 MHz band Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(17)01
2001-11-15 ECC/DEC/(01)02 ECC Decision of 15 November 2001 on phasing out digital CT2 applications in the 900 MHz band Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(17)01
1998-05-01 ERC Report 053 Report on the introduction of economic criteria in spectrum management and the principles of fees and charging in the CEPT Active
1999-09-01 ERC Report 076 The role of spectrum pricing as a means of supporting spectrum management Active
2001-06-01 ERC Report 105 Review of PMR fees Active
2001-10-15 ERC Report 108 Licence fees for satellite services, networks and terminals in the CEPT Active
2001-06-21 ERC Report 111 Regulatory Procedures to be followed when changing frequency allocations Active
2019-05-29 T/R 13-02 Recommendation T/R of 1993 on preferred channel arrangements for fixed service systems in the frequency range 22.0-29.5 GHz.

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