Implementation status


ERC/DEC/(99)01 of 10 March 1999 on the harmonised examination syllabi for the General Operator's Certificate (GOC) and the Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC) amended on 3 July 2015

Implementation Summary
Yes 23
Yes Partly 0
Committed 0
Planned 0
Under study 2
See remarks 2
No 9
No info 10
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania Under study 21-06-2016
Andorra No info
Austria Yes 21-06-2016
Azerbaijan No info
Belgium Yes 05-07-2017
Bosnia and Herzegovina No 21-06-2016
Bulgaria No info
Croatia No info
Cyprus Yes 21-06-2016 STCW convention and corresponding IMO model courses implemented
Czech Republic Yes 21-06-2016
Denmark Yes 19-06-2018
Estonia Yes 21-06-2016
Finland Yes 21-06-2016
France Yes 01-05-2017 Arrêté du 8 février 2016
Georgia No info
Germany No 22-10-2021
Greece Yes 21-06-2016
Hungary No 09-03-2023 In Hungary there is no possibility to take GOC/ROC exam and getting GOC/ROC certificate.
Iceland Yes 01-01-2017
Ireland Yes 21-06-2016
Italy Yes 21-06-2016
Latvia No 21-06-2016 STCW convention and corresponding IMO model courses implemented
Liechtenstein See remarks 13-06-2018 Liechtenstein does not have an officially recognised institution for training GOC candidates.
Lithuania Yes 21-06-2016 STCW convention and corresponding IMO model courses implemented
Luxembourg Yes 21-06-2016
Malta Yes 21-06-2016
Moldova No 13-06-2018
Monaco No info
Montenegro No 21-03-2023
Netherlands Yes 21-06-2016
North Macedonia No 13-03-2023
Norway Yes 21-06-2016
Poland Yes 18-07-2018
Portugal Under study 21-06-2016 Portugal intends to implement this Decision partially, because at the moment the Portuguese Administration is not in a condition to implement Decides 1 b), which refers to ROC certificate. However a full implementation of this Decision in the future is envisaged.
Romania Yes 21-06-2016
San Marino No info
Serbia No 31-01-2022
Slovak Republic No 24-07-2018 The Slovak Republic as a country with no requests to issue GOC/ROC certificate did not implement the ERC Decision (99)01. In accordance with the GMDSS, we require a training for GOC/ROC certificates in a training centre recognised by IMO to ensure that the personnel of ship stations and ship earth stations are adequately qualified to enable efficient operations on station. This requirement is defined by the law.
Slovenia Yes 21-06-2016
Spain Yes 14-06-2018
Sweden Yes 01-01-2017
Switzerland See remarks 13-06-2018 Switzerland/Liechtenstein has no official regogised institution to educate GOC candidates. Further, OFCOM Switzerland takes no GOC exams.
Türkiye No info
Ukraine No info
United Kingdom Yes 21-06-2016 Maritime operator certification under the GMDSS and STCW convention is a matter for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA –
Vatican City No info