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ECC Decision of 24 June 2005 on the free circulation and use of Earth Stations on board Vessels (ESV) operating in Fixed Satellite service networks in the frequency bands 5 925-6 425 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 3 700-4 200 MHz (space-to-Earth). Amended on 4 March 2016, updated on 30 June 2017 and amended on 8 March 2019.

Implementation Summary
Yes 27
Yes Partly 1
Committed 0
Planned 0
Under study 0
See remarks 3
No 12
No info 5
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania Yes 04-10-2010 Implemented through reference in the National Frequency Allocation Table, Government Decision Nr.479, Dt. 06.05.2009
Andorra No 23-04-2018 Andorra has no sea coast.
Austria See remarks 02-06-2010 Not applicable. Austria has no sea coast, nor is there any large inland lake on the Austrian territory
Azerbaijan No info
Belarus No 20-12-2012
Belgium Yes 02-06-2010 Implemented by the Royal Decree of 16/04/1998. The satellite earth stations installed onboard ships or aircrafts are licence exempt in Belgium as long as they are covered by a valid licence issued by the country where the ship or the aircraft is registered
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes 11-08-2017
Bulgaria No 25-07-2012
Croatia No 01-09-2009
Cyprus Yes 29-05-2012
Czech Republic See remarks 01-09-2009 N/A
Denmark Yes 01-09-2009 Implementation through reference in the national table of frequency allocations and executive order (at present No 758 of 1 June 2015). Note that ECC/DEC/(05)09 is also implemented in Greenland and the Faroe Islands in the respective frequency allocation tables.
Estonia Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through references in "The Estonian radio frequency allocation plan" and "Conditions for use of radio frequencies and technical requirements for radio equipment exempted from frequency authorisation"
Finland No 01-09-2009
France No 19-05-2010 Fixed Service shall be protected in 5925-6425 MHz
Georgia No info
Germany Yes 01-09-2009 Geographic implementation restrictions applied as submitted by Germany on 10 August 2017, see file in the attachments.
Greece Yes 05-02-2016
Hungary Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through reference in the main text of Decree No. 15/2012 (XII.29.)NMHH on establishing national frequency allocations. Note: Hungary is not a coastal state therefore only the provisions related to ESVs installed on board ships which are registered in Hungary and cruise at sea are applicable. Notification under Decides 6 and due to considering e): ESV equipment is not exempt from individual licensing when installed on board ships registered in Hungary. Requirements needed for ESV equipment to be installed on board a ship registered in Hungary: according to the Radio Regulations and the Decision
Iceland Yes 01-09-2009 Implementation through reference in the National Table of Frequency Allocation
Ireland Yes 01-09-2009 Provision has been made in the NTFA For further information, please refer to S.I. No. 007 of 2004, available at:
Italy Yes 05-07-2012 Implemented by the decree of Ministry of the Economic Development of 13 November 2008 and published in the Italian Official Gazette No. 273 dated 21 November 2008
Latvia Yes 23-01-2014
Liechtenstein Yes 01-09-2009
Lithuania No 26-06-2012
Luxembourg Yes 01-09-2009 Not applicable. Luxembourg has no sea coast, nor is there any large inland lake on the Luxembourg territory
Malta Yes 12-01-2016
Moldova No info
Monaco No info
Montenegro Yes 09-11-2011 Through reference in the NFAT
Netherlands Yes 01-09-2009 An individual licence is required to operate these earth stations. Application forms are available on the website of the Radio Agency the Netherlands:
North Macedonia No 01-06-2012 There are no Maritime Vessels under Macedonian flag
Norway Yes 01-09-2009 The use of ESV and AES in the 14 GHz band has been included in our regulation for licence exempt frequency usage. With regard to ESV in the 4/6 GHz band, this usage has been included in our national frequency allocation table. Further information can be found on our web side
Poland No 24-08-2018
Portugal Yes 05-03-2014
Romania Yes 28-05-2010 NTFA<br> According to the provisions from ECC/DEC/(05)09 Decision, under Decides 6 and due to considerings e), g) and h), ANCOM as national administration submits the following notification:<br> 1. The ESV equipment is not exempted from individual licensing when installed on board of ships registered in Romania. Therefore, ANCOM will issue individual license for each ESV equipment installed on board of ships registered in Romania.<br> 2. The requirements needed for ESV equipment to be installed on board of a ship registered in Romania will be provisioned in the license.<br> The point of contact is the ANCOM’s headquarters National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications, str. Delea Noua nr. 2, Bucharest, sector 3, Romania, phone: +40 372 845 400 / 454, fax: +40 372 845 402,, website:, and the ESV forms can be retrieved from the ANCOM’s website, at Forms section.<br> 3. The ESV equipment installed on board of ships registered in a foreign country (CEPT or non-CEPT), which may land at Romanian ports, should require to have a "radio station license".<br> 4. The usage of ESVs in the band 5 925-6 425 MHz when navigating in Romanian inland waterways, or near national off-shore platforms, or when at ports is strictly forbidden.<br> 5. The ESV operators will restrict any undue emission and will make any effort required to prevent and resolve potential and actual interference issues to the terrestrial services in the band 5 925-6 425 MHz within the Romanian territory
Russian Federation No info
San Marino Yes 11-08-2017
Serbia No 27-09-2010
Slovak Republic See remarks 11-08-2017 N/A
Slovenia Yes 01-09-2009 NTFA
Spain Yes 01-09-2009
Sweden Yes Partly 24-07-2012 Partly implemented by the National Frequency Allocation Table. Free circulation de-facto implemented by EU RE Directive. The use is subject to individual licence requirements
Switzerland Yes 01-09-2009 Subject to the provision of the Decree of the Federal Council based on Telecommunications Act, FKV Art. 8 (granting of reciprocal right)
Turkey Yes 04-06-2012
Ukraine No 30-03-2011
United Kingdom No 09-02-2017 Link to Ofcom guidance on ESV:
Vatican City Yes 11-08-2017