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ECC Report 298

Analysis of the suitability and update of the regulatory technical conditions for 5G MFCN and AAS operation in the 1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz band

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2012-11-05 EC Decision 2012/688/EU Commission Decision of 5 November 2012 on the harmonisation of the frequency bands 1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz for terrestrial systems capable of providing electronic communications services in the Union Active
2019-03-08 ECC/DEC/(06)01 ECC/DEC/(06)01 of 24 March 2006 on the harmonised utilisation of the bands1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz for mobile/fixed communications networks (MFCN) including terrestrial IMT

latest amended on 8 March 2019