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ECC Decision of 26 June 2009 on the harmonisation of the bands 1610-1626.5 MHz and 2483.5-2500 MHz for use by systems in the Mobile-Satellite Service. Amended on 2 November 2012.

Published Title Description Status Download
2002-11-15 CEPT Report 001 Report from CEPT to the European Commission
under Mandate 4: Frequency usage to facilitate a co-ordinated implementation in the community of third generation mobile and wireless communication systems operating in additional frequency bands as identified by the WRC-2000 for IMT-2000 systems
2003-06-12 ECC Report 025 Strategies for the European use of frequency spectrum for PMR/PAMR applications Active
2004-04-13 ECC Report 045 Sharing and adjacent band compatibility between UMTS/IMT-2000 in the band 2500-2690 MHz and other services Active
2007-02-20 ECC Report 095 Sharing between MSS systems using TDMA and MSS systems using CDMA in the band 1610 – 1626.5 MHz Active
2007-09-13 ECC Report 112 The impact of unwanted emissions of iridium satellites to radioastronomy stations in the band 1610.6-1613.8 MHz Withdrawn