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CEPT Report 004

Report from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate to Review the frequency band 169.4-169.8 MHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2003-06-12 ECC Report 025 Strategies for the European use of frequency spectrum for PMR/PAMR applications Active
2004-10-25 ECC Report 055 Compatibility between existing and proposed SRDs and other radiocommunication applications in the 169.4-169.8 MHz frequency band Active
2024-03-08 ECC/DEC/(05)02 ECC/DEC/(05)02 of 18 March 2005 on a harmonised frequency plan for the use of the band 169.4-169.8125 MHz

latest amended on 8 March 2024 (ECC#63)
1993-10-01 ERC Report 022 ERMES / TV E-5 Compatibility Active
2024-03-08 ERC Report 025 The European table of frequency allocations and applications in the frequency range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz.

The ECA Table is integrated in the EFIS database.

There is also an csv version of the ECA Table available.

Note: 1999-2015 versions are available under attachments.
1994-10-24 ERC/DEC/(94)02 ERC/DEC/(94)02 of 24 October 1994 on the frequency band to be designated for the coordinated introduction of the European Radio Messaging System (ERMES) Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(05)03
1997-06-30 ERC/DEC/(97)06 ERC/DEC/(97)06 of 30 June 1997 on the harmonised frequency band to be designated for Social Alarm Systems Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(08)02
1998-11-23 ERC/DEC/(98)23 ERC/DEC/(98)23 of 23 November 1998 on Exemption from Individual Licensing of ERMES paging receivers Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(08)03
2024-06-07 ERC/REC 70-03 ERC/REC 70-03 of 6 October 1997 on relating to the use of Short Range Devices (SRD)

latest amended on 7 June 2024 (WG FM #107)