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ECC Report 275

The role of E.164 numbers in international fraud and misuse of electronic communications services

Published Title Description Status Download
2016-04-28 ECC Report 248 Evolution in CLI usage – decoupling of rights of use of numbers from service provision Active
2011-05-12 ECC/REC/(11)02 ECC Recommendation of 12 May 2011 on calling Line Identification and Originating Identification Withdrawn by ECC/REC/(19)03
2009-10-06 ECC Report 133 Increasing Trust in Calling Line Identification and
Originating Identification
2007-10-10 ECC/REC/(07)02 ECC Recommendation of 10 October 2007 on Consumer protection against abuse of High Tariff Services Active
2006-09-29 ECC Report 086 Consumer abuses and fraud issues relating to High Tariff services Active
2006-03-14 ECC/REC/(05)09 ECC Recommendation of 14 March 2006 on customer Protection in Case of Misuse or Unauthorized Use of International E.164 Numbering Withdrawn