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CEPT Report 002

Report from CEPT to the European Commission on the 5th Mandate on IMT-2000/UMTS Harmonisation of the frequency usage within the additional frequency band of 2500-2690 MHz to be made available for IMT-2000/UMTS systems in Europe

Published Title Description Status Download
2003-05-23 ECC Report 023 Compatibility of automotive collision warning Short Range Radar operating at 24 GHz with FS, EESS and Radio Astronomy Active
2002-03-15 ECC/DEC/(02)01 ECC Decision of 15 March 2002 on the frequency bands to be designated for the coordinated introduction of Road Transport and Traffic Telematic Systems Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(12)04
2015-03-06 ECC/DEC/(04)03 ECC Decision of 19 March 2004 on the frequency band 77-81 GHz to be designated for the use of Automotive Short Range Radars

corrected 6 March 2015
2023-02-17 ERC/REC 70-03 ERC Recommendation of 6 October 1997 on relating to the use of Short Range Devices (SRD)

latest amended on 10 June 2022, editorial update on 17 February 2023