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CEPT Report 001

Report from CEPT to the European Commission under Mandate 4: Frequency usage to facilitate a co-ordinated implementation in the community of third generation mobile and wireless communication systems operating in additional frequency bands as identified by the WRC-2000 for IMT-2000 systems

Published Title Description Status Download
1994-10-24 ERC/DEC/(94)01 ERC/DEC/(94)01 of 24 October 1994 on the frequency bands to be designated for the coordinated introduction of the GSM digital pan-European communications system Active
1995-12-01 ERC/DEC/(95)03 ERC/DEC/(95)03 of 1 December 1995 on the frequency bands to be designated for the introduction of DCS 1800 Active
1997-03-21 ERC/DEC/(97)02 ERC/DEC/(97)02 of 21 March 1997 on the extended frequency bands to be used for the GSM Digital Pan-European Communications System Active
1997-06-30 ERC/DEC/(97)07 ERC/DEC/(97)07 of 30 June 1997 on the frequency bands for the introduction of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(06)01
1998-09-01 ERC Report 060 Global circulation of IMT-2000 terminals Active
1999-03-10 ERC/DEC/(99)07 ERC/DEC/(99)07 of 10 March 1999 on the adoption of approval regulations for short range devices operating in the frequency range 1 GHz to 25 GHz based on the Interim European Telecommunications Standard (I-ETS) 300 440 Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(04)05
1999-05-01 ERC Report 064 Frequency sharing between UMTS and existing fixed services Active
1999-11-01 ERC Report 065 Adjacent band compatibility between UMTS and other services in the 2 GHz band Active
1999-11-29 ERC/DEC/(99)25 ERC/DEC/(99)25 of 29 November 1999 on the harmonised utilisation of spectrum for terrestrial Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) operating within the bands 1900 - 1980 MHz, 2010 - 2025 MHz and 2110 - 2170 MHz
Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(06)01
2000-03-28 ERC/DEC/(00)01 ERC/DEC/(00)01 of 28 March 2000 extending ERC/DEC/(97)07 on the frequency bands for the introduction of terrestrial Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(06)01
2002-11-15 ECC/DEC/(02)06 ECC/DEC/(02)06 of 15 November 2002 on the designation of frequency band 2500-2690 MHz for UMTS/IMT-2000 Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(05)05
2022-11-18 ERC/REC 01-01 ERC/REC 01-01 of 2001 on cross-border coordination for mobile/fixed communications networks (MFCN) in the frequency bands: 1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz

latest updated on 18 November 2022
2024-03-08 ERC Report 025 The European table of frequency allocations and applications in the frequency range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz.

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