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ECC Report 054

Analysis of increasing the EIRP of Terrestrial Fixed Links at around 58 GHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2002-10-12 ECC Report 020 Methodology to determine the density of Fixed Service Active
2010-02-05 ECC/REC/(01)05 ECC/REC/(01)05 of 10 October 2001 on list of parameters of digital point-to-point fixed radio links used for national planning

revised on 5 February 2010
1994-10-28 ERC/REC 12-09 ERC/REC 12-09 of 28 October 1994 on radio frequency channel arrangement for Fixed Service systems operating in the band 57.0 - 59.0 GHz which do not require frequency planning.

Withdrawn by ECC/REC/(09)01