Document information

Title ECC/REC/(19)01
Earlier (revised) version
Published Date 08-03-2019
Status Active
Description ECC/REC/(19)01 of 8 March 2019 on technical toolkit to support the introduction of 5G while ensuring, in a proportionate way, the use of existing and planned EESS/SRS receiving earth stations in the 26 GHz band and the possibility for future deployment of these earth stations
Frequency Ranges
From To Unit Application Standard
25.5 26.5 GHz MFCN EN 301 908
25.5 26.5 GHz Space research
26.5 27 GHz MFCN EN 301 908
26.5 27 GHz Space research
27 27.5 GHz MFCN EN 301 908

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