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2024-03-08 ECC/DEC/(07)03 ECC/DEC/(07)03 of 6 July 2007 on Reserving the National Numbering Range beginning with '116' for Harmonised Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value latest amended on 8 March 2024 (ECC#63) ACTIVE
2024-03-08 ECC/DEC/(09)06 ECC/DEC/(09)06 of 30 October 2009 on Reserving the National Short Message Service (SMS) Numbering Range Beginning with '116' for Harmonised SMS Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value latest amended on 8 March 2024 (ECC#63) ACTIVE
2023-11-28 ECC/REC/(17)02 ECC/REC/(17)02 of 31 May 2017 on harmonised European Management and Assignment Principles for E.212 Mobile Network Codes (MNCs) amended 28 November 2023 ACTIVE
2023-11-28 ECC Report 354 Defining and Calculating Availability of Space in Cable Ducts ACTIVE
2023-11-28 ECC/REC(23)03 ECC/REC(23)03 of 28 November 2023 on measures to handle incoming international voice calls with suspected spoofed national E.164 numbers ACTIVE
2023-06-22 ECC/REC/(16)02 ECC/REC/(16)02 of 28 April 2016 on Extraterritorial Use of E.164 Numbers - High level principles of assignment and use amended 22 June 2023 ACTIVE
2023-06-22 ECC/REC/(11)03 ECC/REC/(11)03 of 12 May 2011 on numbering and Addressing for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications amended 22 June 2023 ACTIVE
2022-06-07 ECC Report 337 Public numbering resources for mobile non-public networks ACTIVE
2022-06-07 ECC Report 338 CLI Spoofing ACTIVE
2022-06-07 ECC Report 339 eCall Call-back Functionality ACTIVE
2021-11-24 ECC Report 328 Regulatory impact on Number Portability following migration to an all-IP environment ACTIVE
2021-11-24 ECC Report 324 Study of issues related to calls to emergency services from devices that are SIM-less or in Limited Service State (LSS) for another reason ACTIVE
2021-11-24 ECC/REC/(21)01 ECC/REC/(21)01 of 24 November 2021 on TETRA ITSI numbering resource and its relationship to E.212 IMSI numbering resource ACTIVE
2020-12-16 ECC/REC/(17)04 ECC/REC/(17)04 of 22 November 2017 on numbering for eCall amended on 16 December 2020 ACTIVE
2020-12-16 ECC/REC/(15)02 ECC/REC/(15)02 of 23 April 2015 on Guidelines for Major changes to National Numbering and Dialling Plans concerning E.164 Numbers amended on 16 December 2020 ACTIVE
2020-05-27 ECC Report 312 Measuring and evaluating Mobile Internet Access Service Quality (Mobile IASQ) ACTIVE
2020-05-27 ECC Report 311 Sub-assignment and number hosting - Implementation models, rights of use and obligations for E.164 numbers across the electronic communications supply chain ACTIVE
2019-11-21 ECC/REC/(19)03 ECC/REC/(19)03 of 21 November 2019 on measures for increasing Trust in Calling Line Identification and Originating Identification ACTIVE
2019-05-22 ECC Report 300 A country-by-country analysis on defining PSAP-side statistics to quantify the effectiveness of emergency caller location information received for mobile calls ACTIVE
2019-05-22 ECC Report 301 Provision of Caller Location Information from Private/Corporate Networks ACTIVE
2018-12-20 ECC Report 274 Regulatory Analysis of Over-The-Air Provisioning of SIM profiles including its impact on Number Portability ACTIVE
2018-05-30 ECC Report 273 E.164 Numbering and Over-The-Top (OTT) Communications Services ACTIVE
2018-05-30 ECC Report 275 The role of E.164 numbers in international fraud and misuse of electronic communications services ACTIVE
2018-03-02 ECC/DEC/(17)05 ECC/DEC/(17)05 of 2 March 2018 on the harmonised prefixes and short codes in national numbering plans ACTIVE
2017-05-31 ECC Report 264 Feasibility Report: An ECO-hosted directory of E.164 numbers to facilitate contact between PSAPs in different European countries ACTIVE
2017-05-31 ECC Report 265 Migration from PSTN/ISDN to IP-based networks and regulatory aspects ACTIVE
2016-11-23 ECC Report 255 The use of Assisted-Global Navigation Satellite System (A-GNSS) capabilities to improve caller location information for emergency calls originating on mobile devices ACTIVE
2016-04-28 ECC Report 248 Evolution in CLI usage – decoupling of rights of use of numbers from service provision ACTIVE
2016-04-28 ECC/REC/(16)01 ECC/REC/(16)01 of 28 April 2016 on 3rd party access to Number Portability Data (NP Data) ACTIVE
2015-10-29 ECC Report 238 3rd Party Access to Number Portability Data (NP Data) ACTIVE
2014-10-21 ECC Report 225 Establishing Criteria for the Accuracy and Reliability of the Caller Location Information in support of Emergency Services ACTIVE
2014-04-10 ECC/REC/(14)03 ECC/REC/(14)03 of 10 April 2014 on charging Principles for National and International Freephone Numbers ACTIVE
2014-04-09 ECC Report 212 Evolution in the Use of E 212 Mobile Network Codes ACTIVE
2014-04-09 ECC Report 213 Impact of Number Portability between Fixed and Mobile Service (Service Portability) ACTIVE
2013-04-17 ECC Report 194 Extra-Territorial Use of E.164 Numbers ACTIVE
2013-04-17 ECC Report 195 Minimum Set of Quality of Service Parameters and Measurement Methods for Retail Internet Access Services ACTIVE
2013-04-17 ECC Report 196 Abuse, Delay and Compensation Mechanisms in Number Portability ACTIVE
2012-12-05 ECC/REC/(12)04 ECC/REC/(12)04 of 5 December 2012 on numbering for Nomadic Voice Services ACTIVE
2012-11-21 ECC Report 193 Emergency Calls in VoIP Environment: Compilation of Recent Studies ACTIVE
2012-05-22 ECC/REC/(12)02 ECC/REC/(12)02 of 22 May 2012 on number Portability - Best Pratices ACTIVE
2012-05-11 ECC Report 178 Open and Closed Dialling Plans ACTIVE
2011-12-09 ECC/DEC/(11)07 ECC/DEC/(11)07 of 9 December 2011 on the withdrawal of ECTRA/DEC(96)01 Regarding a European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) ECTRA/DEC(96)48 Regarding a European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) ECC/DEC/(04)07 on European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) Conventions ACTIVE
2010-11-25 ECC Report 153 Numbering and Addressing in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications ACTIVE
2010-11-25 ECC Report 154 Evolution of Geographic Numbers ACTIVE
2010-11-25 ECC Report 155 Number Portability efficiency: Impact and analysis of certain aspects in Article 30.4 of the Universal Service Directive and general remarks on NP efficiency ACTIVE
2010-02-22 ECC Report 143 Practical Improvements in Handling 112 Emergency Calls: Caller Location Information ACTIVE
2010-02-22 ECC Report 144 Preparing for IPv6 ACTIVE
2009-10-06 ECC Report 133 Increasing Trust in Calling Line Identification and Originating Identification ACTIVE
2008-10-21 ECC Report 126 Fixed-Mobile Convergence with survey of Numbering related issues ACTIVE
2008-10-16 ECC/REC/(08)03 ECC/REC/(08)03 of 16 October 2008 on services using Harmonised European Short Codes in the National Numbering Range Beginning with ‘116’ ACTIVE
2007-10-10 ECC/REC/(07)02 ECC/REC/(07)02 of 10 October 2007 on Consumer protection against abuse of High Tariff Services ACTIVE
2007-07-13 ECC Report 106 NGN and IMS Call Setup ACTIVE
2007-07-13 ECC Report 107 Regulating Interoperability ACTIVE
2006-09-29 ECC Report 086 Consumer abuses and fraud issues relating to High Tariff services ACTIVE
2006-09-29 ECC Report 087 The future of E.164 Numbering plans and allocation arrangements ACTIVE
2006-09-29 ECC/REC/(06)03 ECC/REC/(06)03 of 29 September 2006 on principles related to Numbering plans for SMS Short Codes ACTIVE
2006-04-03 ECC Report 077 Implementation of ACR supplementary service ACTIVE
2006-04-03 ECC Report 078 IPv6 – The next generation Internet Protocol ACTIVE
2006-04-03 ECC Report 079 High capacity DSL systems ACTIVE
2006-03-16 ECC Report 088 Principles Related to Numbering Plans for SMS Short Codes ACTIVE
2005-10-31 ECC Report 074 Access to Emergency Calls based on Voice Over IP ACTIVE
2005-10-31 ECC Report 075 A Model for Interconnection in IP-Based Networks ACTIVE
2005-10-12 ECC Report 070 Service based on HESC ACTIVE
2005-05-10 ECC Report 060 Number assignment pratices in CEPT countries ACTIVE
2004-12-28 ECC Report 059 Numbering for VoIP services ACTIVE
2004-11-22 ECC Report 062 MMS-Multi Media Messaging and MMS-Interconnection ACTIVE
2004-07-08 ECC Report 050 Technical issues of establishing any-to-any 2-way real-time communications over the Internet ACTIVE
2004-07-08 ECC Report 051 Voice quality over IP based networks ACTIVE
2004-07-08 ECC Report 052 Short Message Service (SMS) in fixed and mobile networks ACTIVE
2004-04-27 ECC Report 049 Technical criteria of Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) and Terrestrial – Digital Audio Broadcasting (T-DAB) allotment planning ACTIVE
2003-11-17 ECC Report 036 Implications for Numbering, Naming and Addressing of the convergence of the Internet and the Telco Networks ACTIVE
2003-05-21 ECC Report 029 Service provider access in Mobile Networks ACTIVE
2002-11-30 ECC Report 021 Fixed to Mobile Interconnection ACTIVE
2002-04-09 ECC Report 008 Application of the new EU regulatory framework to IP telephony ACTIVE
2002-04-09 ECC Report 009 Economic and regulatory aspects of IP telephony ACTIVE
2001-07-04 ECTRA Report 0101 Licensing report: IP Telephony ACTIVE
2000-11-10 ECTRA Report Nov 00 Numbering report: The effect of number portability on national number administration & management ACTIVE
2000-04-04 ECTRA Report Apr 00 Numbering report: Number portability for mobile networks ACTIVE
2000-01-07 ECTRA Report 48377 Numbering report: The Numbering requirements of Corporate Telecommunication Networks (CNs) and their impact on Public Network Numbering ACTIVE
1999-12-06 ECTRA Report 48381 Numbering report: A long term strategic plan for the numbering and addressing of telecommunications services in Europe ACTIVE
1999-12-03 ECTRA Report 48465 Numbering report: Harmonised national conventions for naming and addressing ACTIVE
1999-10-26 ECTRA Report 48463 Licensing report: Categories of Authorisations ACTIVE
1999-10-01 ECTRA Report 48464 Licensing report: Fees for Licensing Telecommunications Services and Networks ACTIVE
1999-10-01 ECTRA Report 48466 Licensing report: Information required for verification ACTIVE
1999-08-06 ECTRA Report 48502 Numbering report: Project management, administration and registrar functions for the ETNS field trial, phase 2 ACTIVE
1998-11-20 ECTRA Report 48461 Numbering report: European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) Field Trial- Phase 1 ACTIVE
1998-09-25 ECTRA Report 48380 Numbering report: Harmonisation of short codes in Europe ACTIVE
1998-07-31 ECTRA Report 48373 Licensing report: Licensing conditions for mobile communications ACTIVE
1998-06-25 ECTRA/REC/(98)03 ECTRA/REC/(98)03 of 1998 on harmonised National Numbering Conventions regarding ITU-T Recommendation E.164 numbers ACTIVE
1998-06-15 ECTRA Report 48374_75_76 Numbering report: Management, routeing and portability aspects of the European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) ACTIVE
1998-04-15 ECTRA Report 48370 Licensing report: Regulating operators with Significant Market Power ACTIVE
1998-03-12 ECTRA Report 48372 Licensing report: Harmonising essential requirements ACTIVE
1998-02-02 ECTRA Report 48315 Licensing report: The Licensing of Satellite Networks and Services ACTIVE
1998-01-23 ECTRA Report 48371 Licensing report: Consumer protection ACTIVE
1997-11-07 ECTRA Report 48263 Numbering report: Numbering related to Personal Communications Services (PCS) in Europe ACTIVE
1997-10-23 ECTRA Report 48379 Numbering report: Harmonised national numbering conventions ACTIVE
1997-10-15 ECTRA Report 48378 Numbering report: Review of national numbering schemes on their openness to competition ACTIVE
1997-07-24 ECTRA Report 48341 Numbering report: Carrier selection ACTIVE
1996-10-03 ECTRA Report 48267 Numbering report: Numbering related to the topic of user-friendliness ACTIVE
1996-07-31 ECTRA Report 48266 Licensing report: Fixed telecommunications services other than voice telephony, telex and bearer data service ACTIVE
1996-07-15 ECTRA Report 48264 Numbering report: Non-discriminatory access to numbering resources ACTIVE
1996-04-30 ECTRA Report 48265 Licensing report: Fixed packet- or circuit-switched data services offered to the public ACTIVE
1996-04-17 ECTRA Report 48314 Licensing report: Proposal for a Satellite Personal Communication Services licensing scheme (S-PCS) ACTIVE