Implementation status


ECC/REC/(17)03 of 19 May 2017 on guidance for the harmonised use and coordination of Maritime Broadband Radio (MBR) systems on board ships and off-shore platforms operating within the frequency bands 5852-5872 MHz and 5880-5900 MHz

Implementation Summary
Yes 4
Yes Partly 0
Committed 0
Planned 0
Under study 1
See remarks 0
No 16
No info 25
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania No info
Andorra No info
Austria No info
Azerbaijan No info
Belgium No info
Bosnia and Herzegovina No 07-01-2020
Bulgaria No info
Croatia No info
Cyprus Yes 25-01-2022
Czech Republic No 24-09-2018 N/A
Denmark Yes 01-07-2018
Estonia No info
Finland No info
France No 09-04-2021 Subject to market demand
Georgia No info
Germany No 13-04-2021
Greece No info
Hungary No 09-03-2023
Iceland No info
Ireland Under study 01-03-2024
Italy No info
Latvia No 29-01-2018
Liechtenstein No 13-10-2022
Lithuania No info
Luxembourg No 07-03-2024 No identified marked demand.
Malta No info
Moldova No 16-11-2023
Monaco No info
Montenegro Yes 21-03-2023 Implemented through reference in the National Frequency Allocation Table
Netherlands No 10-02-2022
North Macedonia No 13-03-2023
Norway No info
Poland No 24-08-2018
Portugal No info
Romania No info
San Marino No info
Serbia No 31-01-2022
Slovak Republic No 26-01-2024
Slovenia Yes 28-02-2018 NTFA
Spain No info
Sweden No info
Switzerland No 16-06-2021
Türkiye No info
Ukraine No info
United Kingdom No 15-12-2021 No identified market demand
Vatican City No info