Implementation status


ERC Decision of 10 March 1999 on the harmonised introduction of satellite personal communication systems operating in the bands below 1 GHz (S-PCS<1GHz), annex 1 and 2 revised on 20 November 2020

Implementation Summary
Yes 27
Yes Partly 4
Committed 0
Planned 1
Under study 0
See remarks 0
No 7
No info 9
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania Yes 20-10-2010 Implemented through the Radio Spectrum Utilisation Plan
Andorra No info
Austria Yes Partly 14-11-2018 Article 15 of the Austrian Telecommunications Act 2003 as amended requires a notification of a public communications network or service to the regulatory authority (see RTR - Telecommunications) prior to the start of operation.The frequency ranges 399.9-400.05 MHz (Earth-space) and 400.15-401 MHz (space-Earth) are not assigned to the Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) in Austria. A revision of the National Table of Frequency Allocation on other aspects is under discussion for 2019. See Radio Interface Specification FSB-RU016.
Azerbaijan No info
Belarus No 20-12-2012
Belgium Yes 01-09-2009 Included in the National Frequency Allocation Plan. Royal Decree of 7.05.99
Bosnia and Herzegovina No info
Bulgaria Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by the National Frequency Allocation Table and Technical requirements for the operation of the electronic communications networks and the relevant equipment in fixed-satellite and mobile-satellite services. Notification to Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) necessary.
Croatia Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through issued general licence OD-83
Cyprus Yes 01-09-2009 Incorporated into National Frequency Allocation Table
Czech Republic Yes Partly 26-02-2020 VO-R/1/12.2018-8 Terminals using 148-149.9 MHz up-link and 137-138 MHz down-link are allowed
Denmark Yes 01-09-2009 Implementation through reference in the national table of frequency allocations
Estonia Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through reference in "Conditions for use of radio frequencies and technical requirements for radio equipment exempted from frequency authorisation"
Finland Yes Partly 09-01-2019
France Yes 01-09-2009
Georgia No info
Germany Yes 01-09-2009 400.05 – 400.15 MHz: single-frequency 400.1 +/- 0.050 MHz for standard time and frequency signal service via satellite. Earth station network license needed in Germany
Greece Yes 05-02-2016
Hungary Yes 01-09-2009 National footnote H62 of the National Table of Frequency Allocations, which was published by Decree No. 15/2012 (XII.29.)NMHH, and Decree No. 2/2013 (I.7.)NMHH on establishing the rules of use for frequency bands that may be used for civil purposes. Notification of communication activity necessary.
Iceland Yes 01-09-2009 Telecommunications law nr 107/1999, art. 46
Ireland Yes 01-09-2009 Statutory Instrument 173 of 2000 applies
Italy No 06-07-2012
Latvia Yes 01-09-2009
Liechtenstein Yes 01-09-2009
Lithuania Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by Order No. 1V-167 of the Director of the Communications Regulatory Authority of 16 December 2003 on the Approval of the Radio Frequency Usage Plan
Luxembourg Yes 01-09-2009 Through reference in Luxembourg's national table of frequency allocations
Malta Yes 01-09-2009
Moldova No 01-09-2009
Monaco No info
Montenegro Planned 26-10-2010
Netherlands Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented on 01-01-2005 except 225 - 399.9 MHz
North Macedonia Yes 01-09-2009
Norway Yes 01-09-2009
Poland Yes Partly 01-09-2009 Measures partly implementing the Decision. Part of the band is used by the military systems. Included in National Table of Frequency Allocations
Portugal Yes 01-09-2009 Press release containing the Decision published (Spectru no 58, October 2003). Only the terminals of the ORBCOMM system will be exempted from radio license, since no other operator has requested the introduction of their own S-PCS
Romania No info
Russian Federation No info
San Marino No info
Serbia Yes 27-09-2010
Slovak Republic No 01-09-2009 The bands are shared with other governmental and civil services
Slovenia Yes 01-09-2009 NTFA
Spain Yes 01-09-2009
Sweden No 01-09-2009 Satellite terminals in the 148.0-10.05 MHz band are license exempt
Switzerland No 01-09-2009 Band partly used by non-civil applications
Turkey Yes 21-10-2010
Ukraine No 31-03-2011
United Kingdom Yes 01-09-2009
Vatican City No info