Implementation status


ERC Decision of 20 March 1998 on the interconnection of PMR and PAMR systems to a Public Telecommunication Network

Implementation Summary
Yes 24
Yes Partly 0
Committed 0
Planned 0
Under study 2
See remarks 2
No 4
No info 14
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania No info
Andorra No info
Austria Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through reference in the Telecommunications Law
Azerbaijan No info
Belgium See remarks 01-09-2009 Following R&TTE not implemented
Bosnia and Herzegovina No info
Bulgaria Yes 01-09-2009
Croatia Yes 01-09-2009
Cyprus No info
Czech Republic Yes 01-09-2009
Denmark Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by Act on Radio Frequencies
Estonia Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through reference in the Telecommunications Act
Finland Yes 01-09-2009
France Yes 01-09-2009
Georgia No info
Germany Yes 01-09-2009 Interconnection is possible taking into account the relevant provisions of the German Telecommunications Act of 25 July 1996 (as published in Federal Law Gazette I No 39 of 31 July 1996)
Greece No info
Hungary Yes 01-09-2009 Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications
Iceland Yes 01-09-2009 No legal difficulties in committing; Implementation expected early 1999
Ireland No 01-09-2009 Implementation would require a change of legislation. Exemption on an individual basis may be considered
Italy Yes 01-09-2009 Implementation of this Decision is in progress
Latvia No 01-09-2009
Liechtenstein Yes 01-09-2009
Lithuania Under study 01-09-2009
Luxembourg Yes 01-09-2009
Malta Yes 01-09-2009
Moldova No info
Monaco No info
Montenegro Yes 26-10-2010
Netherlands Yes 01-09-2009
North Macedonia Under study 01-09-2009
Norway See remarks 01-09-2009 Due to implementation of the R&TTE Directive, Norway withdraws its commitment to this Decision with regard to equipment the conformity of which has been assessed from 8 of April 2000
Poland No info
Portugal Yes 01-09-2009 Press release containing the Decision published (Spectru no 43, July 2002)
Romania No info
San Marino No info
Serbia No 27-09-2010
Slovak Republic Yes 01-09-2009 Conditions for interconnection of PMR and PAMR are given in the radiocommunications licences
Slovenia Yes 01-09-2009 NTFA
Spain Yes 01-09-2009 Order of government 1651/1998 and Ministry Resolution of 22.09.98
Sweden Yes 01-09-2009
Switzerland Yes 01-09-2009 Decreee of the Federal Council based on Telecommunications Act, FAV
Türkiye No 21-10-2010
Ukraine No info
United Kingdom Yes 01-09-2009 Licence Exempt. Covered under the WT (Exemption) Regulations 1999. Statutory Instrument No 930
Vatican City No info