Implementation status


ERC/DEC/(97)09 of 30 June 1997 on the provision of information for a data base of licensing requirements for VSAT/SNG

Implementation Summary
Yes 23
Yes Partly 0
Committed 3
Planned 0
Under study 1
See remarks 0
No 2
No info 17
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania No info
Andorra No info
Austria Yes 01-09-2009 To be executed by the Administration (no legal instrument required)
Azerbaijan No info
Belgium Yes 01-09-2009
Bosnia and Herzegovina No info
Bulgaria No info
Croatia Yes 01-09-2009
Cyprus Yes 01-09-2009 This Decision has been withdrawn by the ECC/DEC/(05)04
Czech Republic Under study 01-09-2009 Current legislative prescribes inter alia an obligation of registration (kept in Czech language) at Commercial Register of the Czech Republic for each subject entering to local market. New legislative based on set of EC Telecommunication Directives, which is expected to enter into force on 1st January 2005, will significantly change regulatory environment. Under these conditions will be then reconsidered the commiment status of this Decision
Denmark Yes 01-09-2009 Information available on the ECO-server (
Estonia Yes 01-09-2009 Reasons and / or means: information available on the ERO server
Finland Yes 01-09-2009 Decision by the Board of TAC 19 January 2000
France Yes 01-09-2009 Information included in the OSS-SATdata base
Georgia No info
Germany Yes 01-09-2009
Greece No info
Hungary No info
Iceland Yes 01-09-2009 Telecommunications law nr 143/1996, art. 24
Ireland Yes 01-09-2009
Italy Committed 01-09-2009
Latvia No 01-09-2009
Liechtenstein Yes 01-09-2009
Lithuania Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through reference in the National table of frequency allocations <br> Replaced by: ECC/DEC/(05)04
Luxembourg Yes 01-09-2009 Through reference in Luxembourg's national table of frequency allocations
Malta No info
Moldova No info
Monaco No info
Montenegro No info
Netherlands Yes 01-09-2009
North Macedonia Committed 01-09-2009
Norway Yes 01-09-2009
Poland Yes 01-09-2009
Portugal No info
Romania No info
San Marino No info
Serbia No info
Slovak Republic Yes 01-09-2009
Slovenia No 01-09-2009
Spain Yes 01-09-2009
Sweden Yes 01-09-2009 Information is given on the SAT OSS website
Switzerland Yes 01-09-2009 Decrees of the Federal Council based on Telecommunications Act, FKV Art. 37 and FDV Art. 63
Türkiye Committed 01-09-2009 Since the necessary secondary legislation on licensing VSAT/SNG services could be completed on 04.02.02 and licenses have been issued since 15.02.02, the information required for filling the questionnaire that's annexed to this Decision could then be gathered. These answers are going to be sent to ERO officially as soon as possible in addition to the questionnaire of ECTRA/DEC/(99)05 and ERC/DEC/(99)22
Ukraine Yes 01-09-2009
United Kingdom Yes 01-09-2009
Vatican City No info