Implementation status


ERC/DEC/(01)01 of 12 March 2001 on harmonised frequencies, technical characteristics and exemption from individual licensing of Non-specific Short Range Devices operating in the frequency bands 6765 - 6795 kHz and 13.553 - 13.567 MHz

Implementation Summary
Yes 29
Yes Partly 0
Committed 1
Planned 0
Under study 1
See remarks 0
No 1
No info 14
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania No info
Andorra No info
Austria Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented with the national Frequency Utilisation Ordinance
Azerbaijan No info
Belgium Yes 01-09-2009 Annex B1 to the Ministerial Decree of 19.10.79
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented through CRA "Decision on harmonisation of types of radio equipment with "Frequency Allocation Table in Bosnia and Herzegovina" which uses radio frequency spectrum but does not require possession of individual licence"
Bulgaria No info
Croatia Yes 01-09-2009
Cyprus Yes 01-09-2009 Adopted 30.04.04 by a Ministerial Order (P.I.355/2004). No further authorisation required for conformant transmitters/stations
Czech Republic Yes 01-09-2009 VO-R/10/08.2005-24
Denmark No info
Estonia Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by the Estonian Frequency Allocation Plan and the "List of radio transmission equipment belonging to a specified class and conforming with the requirements for the installation or use of which no technical authorisation is required" adopted by the decree of Minister of Transport and Communications no 102 of 23.11.2000
Finland Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by the Finnish Frequency Allocation Table in hhtp:// See also section 2.4 (inductive applications) of the preamble to the allocation table
France Yes 01-09-2009 The frequency bands for non specific SRDs are designated in the French frequency table - Annex A7
Georgia No info
Germany Yes 01-09-2009 General frequency assignment under Administrative Order No. 73/2000 (in conjunction with No. 5/2001)
Greece Yes 01-09-2009
Hungary No info
Iceland Yes 01-09-2009 Telecommunications law nr 107/1999, art. 46
Ireland Yes 01-09-2009 Statutory Instrument 405 of 2002 applies
Italy Yes 01-09-2009
Latvia Committed 01-09-2009 Implementation planned by reference in the National Frequency Allocation Table and including this group of equipment in the General Permit for installation and use. NFAT to be revised in second half of 2003 after WRC 2003
Liechtenstein Yes 01-09-2009
Lithuania Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by the Order No.1-V27 of the Director of the Communications Regulatory Authority of 13 March 2003 on the Approval of the List of Frequencies (channels) which may be used without an individual authorisation <br>Replaced by: ECC/DEC/(08)02
Luxembourg Yes 01-09-2009
Malta Yes 01-09-2009
Moldova Under study 01-09-2009
Monaco No info
Montenegro No info
Netherlands Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by reference in the National Frequency Table and Register
North Macedonia Yes 01-09-2009
Norway Yes 01-09-2009 The frequencies are allocated in the NTFA
Poland Yes 01-09-2009 Order of the Minister responsible for telecommunications. Technical characteristics as described in Rec 70-03
Portugal No info
Romania Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by the Decision no.62/2005 of the President of the Inspectorate General for Communications and Information Technology, published in Official Journal of Romania, Part I no.138/15.02.2005, modified and completed by Decision no.345/2006 published in Official Journal of Romania, Part I no.332/13.04.2006
San Marino No info
Serbia No info
Slovak Republic Yes 01-09-2009 Included in the National Table of the Frequency Allocations. General Licence VPR - 05/2001
Slovenia No 01-09-2009
Spain Yes 01-09-2009 Applied in National Table of Frequency Allocations (NTFA) UN-115
Sweden Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by regulation PTSFS 2003:7. No regulation about antenna
Switzerland Yes 01-09-2009 Implemented by revision of the Swiss National Frequency Allocations Plan (NaFZ) as well as under the provisions of the Decree of the Federal Council on Frequency Management and Radio Licensing (Article 8) and the Decree of OFCOM on Frequency Management and Radio Licensing (Article 2)
Türkiye Yes 01-09-2009
Ukraine No info
United Kingdom Yes 01-09-2009
Vatican City No info