Implementation status


ECC Decision of 30 March 2007 on the harmonised use, exemption from individual licensing and free circulation of Material Sensing Devices using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology latest updated on 1 July 2022

Implementation Summary
Yes 19
Yes Partly 0
Committed 1
Planned 1
Under study 0
See remarks 0
No 1
No info 24
Country Implementation Status Date Remarks
Albania No info
Andorra No info
Austria No info
Azerbaijan No info
Belgium No info
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes 07-01-2020
Bulgaria Yes 05-11-2021 Currently implemented by Rules for free use of radio frequency spectrum
Croatia No info
Cyprus Yes 25-01-2022 The EC Decision 2019/785/EU was adopted
Czech Republic Yes 26-02-2020 VO-R/10/12.2019-9
Denmark Yes 01-09-2007
Estonia Yes 16-08-2021 Implemented through reference in "The Estonian radio frequency allocation plan"
Finland Committed Will be implemented in 2020.
France No info
Georgia No info
Germany Yes 23-08-2019 General Licence Vfg. No. 135/2019
Greece No info
Hungary Yes 09-03-2023 Decree No. 7/2015 (XI.13.)NMHH on the national frequency allocation and the rules of using frequency bands
Iceland Yes 22-03-2021 Implemented through reference on our homepage
Ireland No info
Italy Planned 21-10-2019
Latvia Yes 22-07-2019
Liechtenstein Yes 15-12-2022
Lithuania No info
Luxembourg No info
Malta No info
Moldova No info
Monaco No info
Montenegro Yes 21-03-2023 Implemented through reference in the Rulebook on radio-frequencies and the condition under they can be used without individual authorisation
Netherlands Yes 31-10-2021 Exemption from individual licensing is implemented in the relevant executive order
North Macedonia Yes 13-03-2023
Norway No info
Poland No info
Portugal No info
Romania No info
San Marino No info
Serbia No 31-01-2022
Slovak Republic No info
Slovenia Yes 08-08-2019 2007/131/EC
Spain Yes 01-01-2021
Sweden Yes 22-04-2021 Implemented by PTS license exemption regulations and the Swedish national frequency allocation table
Switzerland Yes 01-01-2021
Türkiye No info
Ukraine No info
United Kingdom Yes 11-01-2022
Vatican City No info