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T/R 22-06

T/R 22-06 on harmonised radio frequency bands for High Performance Radio Local Area Networks (HIPERLANs) in the 5 GHz and 17 GHz frequency range

Published Title Description Status Download
1993-03-01 T/R 10-01 T/R 10-01 on wide band data transmission systems using spread-spectrum technology in the 2.5 GHz band Withdrawn by ERC/REC 70-03
1991-01-31 T/R 22-03 T/R 22-03 on provisional recommended use of the frequency range 54.25-66 GHz by terrestrial fixed and mobile systems Withdrawn
1994-07-29 T/R 71-03 T/R 71-03 on procedures for type testing and approval for radio equipment intended for non-public systems. Withdrawn by ERC/REC 01-06