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ECC Decision of 6 July 2007 on Reserving the National Numbering Range beginning with '116' for Harmonised Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value

Published Title Description Status Download
2007-02-15 EC Decision 2007/116/EC Commission Decision of 15 February 2007 on reserving the national numbering range beginning with '116' for harmonised numbers for harmonised services of social value Active
2009-11-30 EC Decision 2009/884/EC Commission Decision of 30 November 2009 amending Decision 2007/116/EC as regards the introduction of additional reserved numbers beginning with '116' Active
2010-06-16 ECC/DEC/(09)06 ECC Decision of 30 October 2009 on Reserving the National Short Message Service (SMS) Numbering Range Beginning with '116' for Harmonised SMS Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value Active
2008-10-16 ECC/REC/(08)03 Services using Harmonised European Short Codes in the National Numbering Range Beginning with ‘116’ Active