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ECC/REC(23)03 of 28 November 2023 on measures to handle incoming international voice calls with suspected spoofed national E.164 numbers

Published Title Description Status Download
2023-06-22 ECC/REC/(16)02 ECC/REC/(16)02 of 28 April 2016 on Extraterritorial Use of E.164 Numbers - High level principles of assignment and use

amended 22 June 2023
2016-04-28 ECC Report 248 Evolution in CLI usage – decoupling of rights of use of numbers from service provision Active
2018-05-30 ECC Report 273 E.164 Numbering and Over-The-Top (OTT) Communications Services Active
2019-11-21 ECC/REC/(19)03 ECC/REC/(19)03 of 21 November 2019 on measures for increasing Trust in Calling Line Identification and Originating Identification Active
2022-06-07 ECC Report 338 CLI Spoofing Active