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ECC Report 085

Guidance for 24 GHz Short Range Radar (SRR) enforcement

Published Title Description Status Download
2003-05-23 ECC Report 023 Compatibility of automotive collision warning Short Range Radar operating at 24 GHz with FS, EESS and Radio Astronomy Active
2004-03-19 ECC/DEC/(04)03 ECC Decision of 19 March 2004 on the frequency band 77-81 GHz to be designated for the use of Automotive Short Range Radars.

2018-03-02 ECC/DEC/(04)10 ECC Decision of 12 November 2004 on the frequency bands to be designated for the temporary introduction of Automotive Short Range Radars (SRR), amended 01 June 2012 and updated 02 March 2018