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ECC Report 026

The compatibility & sharing of the aeronautical mobile satellite service with existing services in the band 14.0-14.5 GHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2003-11-17 ECC Report 036 Implications for Numbering, Naming and Addressing of the convergence of the Internet and the Telco Networks Active
2000-03-27 ERC/DEC/(00)05 ERC Decision of 27 March 2000 on Exemption from Individual Licensing of Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) operating in the frequency bands 14.0 - 14.25 GHz Earth-to-space and 12.5 - 12.75 GHz space-to-Earth

Please note that ERC/DEC/(00)03, ERC/DEC/(00)04 and ERC/DEC/(00)05 are replaced by ECC/DEC/(06)02 and ECC/DEC/(06)03 on 30 March 2006

ERC/DEC/(00)05 was withdrawn by ECC Decision (08)06 on 27 June 2008
Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(08)06
1998-11-23 ERC/DEC/(98)15 ERC Decision of 23 November 1998 on Exemption from Individual Licensing of Omnitracs terminals for the Euteltracs system Withdrawn by ECC/DEC/(17)03
1996-12-05 ERC/REC 13-03 ERC Recommendation of 1996 on the use of the band 14.0-14.5 GHz for Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) and Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Active