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ECC Report 018

Compatibility and sharing studies between the RAS operating in the band 10.6-10.7 GHz and other services

Published Title Description Status Download
2002-04-04 ECC Report 002 SAP/SAB (Incl. ENG/OB) spectrum use and future requirements Active
2007-06-15 ERC/REC 12-05 ERC/REC 12-05 of 1996 on harmonised radio frequency channel arrangements for digital terrestrial fixed systems operating in the band 10.0-10.68 GHz

revised on 15 June 2007
1998-09-25 ERC/REC 13-04 ERC/REC 13-04 of 25 September 1998 on preferred frequency bands for fixed wireless access in the frequency range between 3 and 29.5 GHz Withdrawn