Document information

Title CEPT Report 057
Earlier (revised) version
Published Date 06-03-2015
Status Active
Description Report A from CEPT to the European Commission in response to the Mandate

To study and identify harmonised compatibility and sharing conditions for Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Area Networks in the bands 5350-5470 MHz and 5725-5925 MHz ('WAS/RLAN extension bands') for the provision of wireless broadband services
Frequency Ranges
From To Unit Application Standard
5350 5470 MHz Radiodetermination applications
5350 5470 MHz Active sensors (satellite)
5350 5470 MHz Wideband data transmission systems
5725 5925 MHz Wideband data transmission systems
5725 5850 MHz Radiodetermination applications
5725 5850 MHz Amateur
5725 5850 MHz Amateur-satellite
5725 5875 MHz Non-specific SRDs
5725 5875 MHz BFWA
5725 5925 MHz FSS Earth stations
5725 5925 MHz ITS
5795 5815 MHz TTT

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