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Services using Harmonised European Short Codes in the National Numbering Range Beginning with ‘116’

Published Title Description Status Download
2007-02-15 EC Decision 2007/116/EC Commission Decision of 15 February 2007 on reserving the national numbering range beginning with '116' for harmonised numbers for harmonised services of social value Active
2009-11-30 EC Decision 2009/884/EC Commission Decision of 30 November 2009 amending Decision 2007/116/EC as regards the introduction of additional reserved numbers beginning with '116' Active
2010-06-16 ECC/DEC/(07)03 ECC Decision of 6 July 2007 on Reserving the National Numbering Range beginning with '116' for Harmonised Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value Active
2004-12-28 ECC/REC/(04)07 Designation of '116' Number Range for possible future Europe-Wide harmonised Short Numbers Withdrawn